The Neurogifted Project is an endeavor dedicated to spreading awareness about neurodiversity, providing support and sustainable solutions to all stakeholders, and promote neurodiversity in organizations.

We exist to help organizations implement neurodiversity projects, embrace and harness the power of neurodiversity in their workplaces, and reap the consequential benefits.

It is a myth that neurodivergents are liabilities in the workplace and embracing neurodiversity is somehow impractical, costly, or risky for organizations to implement. The truth however is far from that. Recent experiments and organizational experience have in fact revealed that neurodivergents are actually unique assets in specific job roles under controlled conditions.

Neurodivergents due to their unusual neuro-wiring, bring special capabilities to the table. Specific neurodivergences manifest in some extraordinary abilities that are critical skills for organizations. This is a huge dividend for an organization to overlook. The benefits far outweigh the risks and costs and having a neurodiverse talent pool results in extraordinary and powerful results in the workplace.



Here you will get free access to all the information you need to gain knowledge about neurodiversity under one roof.  You can learn about neurodiversity, get the latest news and updates through articles, publications, books, and videos.


If you’re a potential employer looking to acquire neurodiverse talent, then this is just the right place for you to begin. Our expert team can help you make informed decisions and be your program partner throughout the journey. 


If you’re a neurodivergent individual and are looking for potential career opportunities, we can help you create your ND Profile, upgrade your knowledge and skillsets to match specific job roles that will benefit you.

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