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The NeuroGifted team is truly unique and inclusive in that its members bring together decades of collective experience, knowledge, and skills to make your initiative a grand success.

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01. Strategic strength

What we have to offer as a collective force is unique insights from across the globe. Add to that the fact that we are a neurodivergent-led team. Few neurodiversity teams possess this combination of strategic importance.

02. Professionally qualified

Each member of our team is highly qualified in terms of relevant qualifications as well as matching neurodiversity experience. We practice what we preach.  Inclusion and diversity are the core of our existence.

03. Activists and Advocates

More than anything else, the NeuroGifted team is committed to the cause of neurodiversity, and loyal to the strength-based approach all the way.  Our goal is to deliver dignity and quality of life, financial independence, and equitable career opportunity to the neurodivergent community.

Dedicated to your Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

As a team, we are nearly 50% neurodivergent. With the support of our neurotypical allies, we bring a collective neurodiversity experience of nearly 4 decades. We represent expertise in Psychology Enabled Services, Counseling, Coaching, Training, Facilitation, Content Development, Instructional Design, Course Creation, Project Management, HR, and DEIB.


Neurodivergent Team Members

Collective Neurodiversity experience (years)

versatile | professionally qualified | experienced | multi-talented | loyal

Meet The Team

Joel Godi

Founder & CEO

AuDHD | Social Psychologist | Neurodiversity Advocate | DEIB | L&D | Education | Social Entrepreneur | Speaker | Presenter

David J Hall

Senior Advisor - Projects

Autistic Coach | Neurodiversity Consultant | DEI Trainer | Celebrated Writer | Speaker | Leadership | Non-profit 

Sara-Louis Ackrill

Advisor - Coaching

AuDHD | Neurodivergent Therapist | Coach | Public Speaker | Trainer | Advisor | Social Entrepreneur

Anima Nair

Lead - Client Management & Content Strategy

Neurodiversity Consultant | Neurodiversity Advocate | Educator| Speaker | Presenter

Kavitha Talreja

Lead - Training, Facilitation & Instructional Design for Creative Learning

Executive Coach | Facilitation Evangelist | Design Thinking Practitioner | Gamification Expert | Neurodiversity Ally

Roop Anand

Associate Partner, Training & Facilitation

Facilitator | Neurodiversity Ally | DEIB | Leadership | Team Management | Behavior Skills

Geetha Solaraj

Associate Partner, Counseling, Training & Content

Counseling Psychologist | Mental Health Advisor | Neurodiversity Ally | Inclusion Advocate | Artist

Karolin Susan

Psychotherapist & Coach

Karolin is a neurodivergent Psychotherapist. To help understand people and concerns, she uses strength-based humanistic approaches in her practice.