To promote the cause of Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace by harnessing the power of Neurodiversity for the benefit of organizations & society, and help to create a conducive, supportive, and sustainable ecosystem for it to thrive.


To create awareness around the subject of Neurodiversity and help remove the prevailing misconceptions and social barriers.

To alleviate the quality of life of neurodivergents by creating a healthy social, economical, and sustainable environment, and equal opportunities for growth.

To bridge the gap between agencies and individuals involved with neurodiversity and enable a cohesive working environment.

To influence thought leaders, influencers in organizations, government agencies, and society to work towards the destigmatization of nerodiversity and act against the peripheral and collateral damages caused to this category of individuals.

To promote the active participation of employers in creating Neurodiverse Talent Pools within their organizations to reap the benefits thereof, and provide all the external support that they need to successfully implement such programs.

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