Subsequent to your PAC session, training plays a very crucial role in getting you to a place of career readiness. Whether you chose to be employed or be an entrepreneur, there are essential skills and knowledge that you will need to acquire in order to be successful in your endeavor.

The training/coaching you will receive will be consistent with the recommendations from your PAC sessions. The training will be customized to your specific needs.

The training programs are comprehensive and will truly give you all the knowledge and skills you require to be effective and competitive in your career.

Depending on your choice you can opt-in for either of the following programs.


Our team of experienced and trained professionals will give you the best learning experience, taking into account your specific needs and goals. At the end of the program, you will fully job-ready, confident, and equipped to face any challenge that you may face in the workplace.


Entrepreneurship is a very different ball game requiring a very different mindset and skills, also accompanied by in-depth knowledge of how the system works and how to maneuver the complex web of multiple roles and responsibilities that one has to play, while also working collaborating with people. We will help you get there with this signature program.

Contact us to get a better understanding of these programs. Get to know how they will transform your life and open doors of opportunities for you.

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