Joel S Godi, Founder

Joel is a Social & Educational Psychologist, L&D Scientist, Content Creator & Neurodiversity Specialist.

He is the Founder & Chief Mentor of Proteje CCLD and the creator of


He is a humanist and believes in adding value to everything and at every given opportunity. He has a passion for people and most of his work life revolves around the development of people and communities.

There is that ‘epiphany’ moment in everyone’s life when everything changes forever and there’s no looking back. That experience is usually a defining moment that may likely determine the very purpose of your existence. Suddenly you lay back from it all, step away, and be at peace with everything around you. It’s your place of rest, your moment of Self Discovery.

I had such a moment when I discovered I was Neurodivergent, with ADHD & Dyspraxia. All my life I had blamed myself and fought hard to stay accepted, with some success, and be within the accepted ‘normal’ but it was torture. I could never explain to myself why I couldn’t fit. Neither could I explain this to others around me. The battle was internal and I was alone for 40 years of my life.

To cut a long story short, life changed for the better when I discovered and decided to embrace my divergence and explore my uniqueness. It was like I found the key to the puzzle. All of a sudden it was clear why I was what I was and who I was. The trauma of pretense was over. The result was magical, both at personal and professional levels.

Now, my neurodivergence is my strength. And I have embraced the world once again.


Joel S Godi


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