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We’re unique as a team as we offer the entire bouquet of services, from end-to-end, that we acquired from our experiences across the globe.

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consulting services

We begin at ground zero

Awareness Building & decision making

This is where it usually begins. We help the leadership of your organization to be aware of all the relevant information about neurodiversity in the workplace so that they can take informed decisions.

determine Viability, scope & Business Case

Our team works with you to acquire all the facts and figures, understand all the implications, determine the scope and measure the viability before initiating the exercise of neuroinclusion in your workplace.

project planning & resource pooling

We help you build the project plan from the scratch, identify internal and external resources, make budget estimates, fix timelines, tweak processes and procedures to accommodate a neurodiversity intitiative.

consulting services

Sourcing, Screening & On-boarding Support

Identifying job roles & sourcing talent

Identifying the right job fit is a very important part of a neurodiversity initiative. Neurodivergents have unique cognitive abilities so they can perform exceptionally well in particular job roles in a suitable environment.

design interview and hiring processes

The traditional interview process does not work when screening neurodivergent candidates. Most neurodivergents would not make it through this process. Therefore, we help you tweak the interview design to be more inclusive and enable you to attract neurodivergent job applicants.

on-boarding neurodivergents

This is an area that is overlooked by many companies. Onboarding neurodivergent must be a carefully designed and planned operation. How well this phase is executed will determine the quality of integration in the workplace.

3-tier support model

Counseling, Coaching & Training

Training of NDs, Managers & peer groups

Companies must create enablement in the workplaces to be accommodating to neurodivergent employees. Continous engagement in learning and development across all groups and levels is highly recommended.

development of processes & tools

Depending on the type of company, the industry, and the prevalent sociocultural influences in the workplace are factored in while developing processes, tools and materials to aid and support the neurodiversity initiative.

focused & time bound coaching

On-the-job coaching for your neurodivergent employees is a big must-do for any company. Coaching enables the employees to better navigate the complexities of the workplace and helps them to comfortably settle into their job roles and caters to the overall mental health of the employees.

post project continued support

Building Capacity for Expansion

Content & Materials Development

During the course of our engagement with you, we develop a considerable amount of content in various formats, including text, video, audio, slides, etc. that can feed your future requirements towards awareness building, sensitization, learning and development, and raising the general empathy levels.

Continued Hand Holding Support

It’s never over until you say so. We are always available even post-project to help and support your employees across the aisle while they navigate the daily challenges in the workplace. Our expert team will provide hand-holding support to individual employees.

Building Enablement & Advancement

Our team is always by your side as you cross your milestone with your neurodiversity initiative. We plan ahead for future expansion by building capacity in your processes and systems and preparing your managers and leaders for upscaling operations.

From Our Founder

Be a change agent. Your organization needs you now more than ever.

Neuroinclusion is a litmus test for a leader’s empathy. Organizational leaders need to be intrapreneurs with a strong vision and sense of purpose to be able to implement successful neurodiversity initiatives. They need to identify available knowledge and expertise and leverage them.

There are no shortcuts and companies need to be cautious about taking a casual stance about neurodiversity. The consequences of a poorly planned and executed initiative can cause devastating after-effects on both sides.