The Preliminary Assessment & Counseling (PAC) Session is meant to understand your strengths, knowledge, talent, and skills so that the best recommendations may be offered to you. It is not a clinical diagnosis of your neurodivergence. Whether you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur or to be employed, we will help you choose what is best for your future. Here is how a typical PAC session will pan out.

  • The full PAC session will be for 90 to 120 mins. In some cases, a counselor may decide to have the session in two parts, instead of one.
  • There will online and offline parts where the candidate will undergo a sequence of tests and a live interview, either face-to-face or via interactive questionnaires, depending on the candidate’s comfort.
  • On completion of the PAC session, the candidate will receive a full report for further action.
  • The report will contain assessment scores of all the necessary parameters along with recommendations for further action by the candidate.



  1. Must be between 18 to 55 years of age.
  2. Must be clinically diagnosed as neurodivergent. If you do not have a diagnosis done already, we will have it done for you at cost.
  3. Must have an IQ score of 59 or greater. If you do not have an IQ score ready, we will have it done for you at cost.
  4. Must be capable of traveling for work independently.



  1. Please submit your request via the form below.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgment to your email ID along with a registration fee (Rs. 2,100/- plus GST (18%) payment link.
  3. Click on the payment link to complete the registration fee payment process.
  4. You can pay using a Credit or Debit Card, via PayPal or through Netbanking options.
  5. After payment of the registration fee, you will receive a payment receipt. Please download and keep a copy for your reference.
  6. You will also receive the application form link.
  7. Click on the application link to fill in the required information and click submit. Please submit only one application form. Download a copy also for your reference.
  8. Depending on your city/state of residence, a counselor will be appointed for you.
  9. Your counselor will then get in touch with you to schedule a suitable PAC session date and time.


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