To be neurodiversity smart, firms should strive to develop a language and acceptance of neuro-difference and to celebrate and leverage neurodiverse strengths while taking steps to accommodate – and not belittle – any specific challenges that an individual may face.

Neurodivergent hires are expected to perform to the standards of the organization. Leading firms emphasize the talent and capabilities demonstrated by members of their programs and the value they add to their teams. When members are onboarded successfully, and teams and managers are trained to collaborate effectively, neurodiverse employees generally thrive and achieve.

We provide continued support for program employees through ERGs and other activities regularly to enhance their experience and engagement in the firm. We collaborate with managers and employees facing challenges if the employee or manager reaches out. As the employee’s needs change, their accommodations and need for additional coaching may also change. We conduct mainstream performance review and retention activities and adhere to the same performance standards as everyone else in the organization.

We continue our support should you choose to internalize all stages of the program. We train your team and equip them with the knowledge and skills required to be able to fully implement and run the program internally without support.


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