3N is an outreach program from Neurogifted, which was launched on the 2nd of Oct’22 when a small group of neurodivergents got together to pursue common goals. Neurogifted, as you might know by now is a specialist in adult neurodivergent solutions and advises various companies on neuroinclusion matters.

Neurodivergents have been systemically and systematically discriminated against from all walks of life. This world is largely designed for the majority of neurotypicals and therefore deprives neurodivergents of their basic rights of education, health, career, and life in general. We have therefore launched this network to campaign for those rights which were denied. The important point to note here is that although there is some support available for children and adolescents there is none available after reaching adulthood. Neurogifted works in this space and so we decided to awaken the neurodivergent adult population and bring them together to fight for their rightful place in this society.

Through this network, we aim to educate, enable and empower neurodivergent adults to be able to find and work towards sustainable livelihood goals. There is power in unity and we want to capitalize on that power. Neurogifted works towards creating value, tools, technologies, and solutions to benefit neurodivergents. We also endeavor to help neurodivergents gain access to equitable job, career, and entrepreneurship opportunities, financial freedom and independence, health, dignity, and quality of life.

So, we invite you to come together and join hands with us to make this possible. Let us work collectively to benefit each and every one of us. One for all and all for one. There are many projects in the pipeline and on the drawing board that will only see the light of day when you are with us. Let us use our collective wisdom to redesign the world’s systems, be they social, cultural, or workplace. We can bring our strengths to the table and support one another to rise above the challenges and overcome all the barriers set before us that prevent us from progressing in life.

To join this network, you must be either

  • Employed/Self-employed,
  • Working Professional,
  • Freelancer,
  • Entrepreneur,
  • Looking for job/career opportunities, or
  • In between jobs/work.