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NeuroGifted has created essential courses and learning modules in various formats for a range of professionals. Content has been carefully curated to suit various needs in the ecosystem, for managers, leaders, therapists, coaches, educators, and others. The term Neurodiversity Ready is a registered tradename for our courses.

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01. For Coaches and therapists

Neurodiversity Coaching is a critical component of neuroinclusion in any organization. Take our course and acquire the knowledge and skills you need to be a Certified Neurodiversity Ready Coach.

02. For managers and leaders

Knowledgeable and skilled managers and leaders can determine the success or failure of a neurodiversity initiative. Our soon-to-be CPD accredited flagship course for managers and leaders is a must-do.

03. For  trainers & facilitators

The Neurodiversity Ready courses for trainers and educators are essential for those engaged in developing neurodivergent talent. Organizations are finding it difficult to find qualified neurodiversity professionals.

Workshops and training modules

Neurodiversity Ready courses are available to a host of professionals from various backgrounds who have different workplace needs. Apart from our standard course modules, we can customize the content and modules to better suit your organization’s needs. Being Neurodiversity Ready is essential for professionals of tomorrow to be relevant and effective in their workplaces and careers. The courses are important for all managers and leaders in an organization, therapists, coaches, trainers, educators, and consultants. To find out more, connect with us.

Neurodiversity & Inclusion

Neurogifted works towards helping create “NEURODIVERSITY READY” workplaces. We take the lead on all consulting, training, and outreach activities related to Neurodiversity.

Our team of neurodiversity specialists is available to deliver seminars, workshops, and courses for professionals from the fields of OD, HR, DEI, L&D, and Talent Management, as well as in-house teams of client organizations on how to plan and implement a neurodiversity initiative. We are an end-to-end consulting and services provider and are your go-to partner for all things neurodiversity.

Neurogifted is also involved in various neurodiversity awareness-building and sensitization initiatives. We regularly mentor professionals who are looking to include neurodiversity in their portfolio. We also work with collaborators across the globe in creating true value, content, and tools that companies can benefit from to get the best standards and value that you are looking for.

We offer 5 levels of engagement on this topic to our client organizations and professionals:

1. Short Awareness Building Talks (Level 1) – 45 mins (Online Mode)
2. Workplace Neuroinclusion 101 (Level 2) – 2 hours (Online Mode)
3. Workplace Neuroinclusion Masterclass (Level 3) – 3 hours (Online/Hybrid Mode)
4. Advanced Workplace Neuroinclusion (Level 4) – 5 hours (Hybrid/Face-to-Face Mode)
5. Certified Workplace Neuroinclusion Professional Workshop (Level 5) – 8 hours (Face-to-Face Mode)

To know more about these offerings or to arrange a Workplace Neuroinclusion event in your workplace, please contact us at

Neurodiversity facts

Numbers we simply can’t ignore.

With 20% of the general population being neurodivergent, and possessing essential cognitive abilities and talents that are considered ‘most wanted’ by companies for them to stay ahead and competitive in a technology-driven future, it is inevitable that neurodiversity is a much sought-after subject.




neurodivergents have INVISIBLE DISABILITIES