“Research has shown that diverse groups are more effective at problem-solving than homogeneous groups, and policies that promote diversity and inclusion will enhance our ability to draw from the broadest possible pool of talent, solve our toughest challenges, maximize employee engagement and innovation, and lead by example by setting a high standard for providing access to the opportunity to all segments of our society.” 

Barack Obama

44th President (2009-1015), United States of America

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are of crucial importance in the workplace. Interdisciplinary thinking focused on turning dialogue into action is more crucial than ever. But it takes awareness, sensitivity, and collaboration to improve structural and social impediments and achieve an enriching and humane working environment.

Making DEI a strategic imperative can deliver genuine business value, help your organization attract top talent, and drive innovative results. Successful DEI initiatives that are linked with organizational performance are shown to not only boost employee retention and foster a more innovative workforce, but also influence brand perception, corporate purpose, customer satisfaction, and stakeholder engagement. An asset for both businesses and their employees, DEI has the capacity to promote innovation, creativity, and empathy in ways that homogeneous work cultures seldom do.

The NEUROGIFTED Project focuses our activities specifically in the field of neurodiversity, a much overlooked and misunderstood, but a high potential area of diversity. The reason for this is the high level of ignorance across society at all levels. This further extends into workplaces and therefore the tendency to avoid anything to do with it. There is also the fear of the ‘unknown’. Most potential employers of neurodivergents, who stand to gain much still resist due to the perceived costs and risks involved in such an endeavor.

Nothing can be further from the truth! Neurodivergents can actually be high-value assets in an organization in specific job roles when the right accommodations are created. The benefits are multi-layered and far outweigh the risks.

This is an established fact and is testified by major companies like SAP, Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Hewlette Packard Enterprise, Delloite, DXC Technologies, Amazon, Dell, and many more.


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