For the last 25 years, companies have been experimenting with neurodiversity. Although the beginnings were humble and cautious, and more of a charity initiative, what we are seeing and experiencing today is entirely different. Companies today are vying to attract neurodivergent talent across the globe.

Many Fortune 500 companies are actively including neurodiversity in their overall DEIB strategy. They claim that what they have experienced and benefitted from this exercise is something they never anticipated when they began. Many other companies are learning from this and quickly moving to attract neurodivergent talent. Isn’t it time that companies across industries and cultures recognize what they have been missing out on?

Unfortunately, most companies don’t include neurodiversity in the DEIB strategy. The primary reason that this is a lack of knowledge, inherent bias, and a general misunderstanding of invisible and invisible disabilities. For too long, neurodiversity has been a charity initiative for many companies, but they don’t realize the multi-layered benefits that they are missing out on. In the Indian subcontinent, Africa, the Middle East, and South East Asia, the general opinion is that neurodiversity is too complicated and cumbersome to implement in their workplaces. There is also the strong influence of culture and religion that can be difficult to navigate.

Neurodiversity may be complex but with the right knowledge and understanding, it can be a truly rewarding experience for the company and its employees. With proper implementation, neurodiversity can be richly rewarding in terms of increased productivity and efficiency, saving on cost and time, better work culture, innovation, and creativity, and helps to create better managers too.

Another reason for the lack of interest by companies is the lack of available expert professionals who can guide and support such an initiative. But times are fast changing and companies and professionals are beginning to see the opportunity in neurodiversity.

NeuroGifted is actively engaged with collaborators across the globe to create value in the neurodiversity ecosystem in this region. It is only a matter of time before a host of tools, methods, resources, and technology will be available for companies to implement successful neurodiversity initiatives in the workplaces.