Neuroinclusion is a litmus test for a leader’s empathy. Organizational leaders need to be intrapreneurs with a strong vision and sense of purpose to be able to implement successful neurodiversity initiatives. They need to identify available knowledge and expertise and leverage them.

There are no shortcuts and companies need to be cautious about taking a casual stance about neurodiversity. The consequences of a poorly planned and executed initiative can cause devastating after-effects on both sides.

The type of empathy you practice in the workplace is also known as Organizational Empathy. It describes a company’s ability to understand the thoughts, feelings, motivations, and conditions of others – whether that’s employees, partners, or communities – from their respective points of view.

They know they need to grow, they just aren’t sure how. Intrapreneurship answers the question of – HOW!

The goal of Intrapreneurship is to create the entrepreneurial mindset and infrastructure needed to support growth. It takes a systems view of growth. It is a framework for transformation.

Intrapreneurship helps organizations generate new business growth.

Innovation is the key element in providing aggressive top-line growth. But doing one or two innovation initiatives a year will not support or sustain innovation. Organizations need to be innovating all the time. Failure rates for innovation are still high, 50% to 90%.

Innovation alone is not enough. Organizations need to set the context for innovation; the right people, the right processes, and the right environment. Innovation and intrapreneurship are entwined, they are tied together. You need both to be successful.

Attracting and developing a neurodiverse workplace is one way to achieve the above. Neurodivergents, with their hard brain wiring, might just be the answer for innovation and creativity in the workplace.

Good leaders recognize this potential and do everything possible to tap into this talent pool. This is an opportunity waiting to happen to you.